Speak Fluent Man


Everyone wants a good relationship, but very few people have the courage to attain one. Many of us spend years spiraling in and out of failed relationships and marriages only to find ourselves becoming less likely to trust anyone with our hearts in the future. So how do you stop the cycle of failed relationships and maintain a solid, loving relationship with your chosen mate? You start by telling and accepting the truth.

By digging deep into topics such as entitlement, double standards, logic vs emotions, and more, Von Decarlo brings to you what she learned in her 10 year relationship with comedian Patrice O’Neal, in a very in depth, personal memoir for both men and women.

Don’t let the title fool you! Whether you are male, female, heterosexual, bisexual, transsexual, or transgender, Speak Fluent Man can help you realize the full potential in any type of relationship, by helping you understand how to have the courage to live in your own truth, and accept the truth of others unconditionally.



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