Reminder Rocks by Von Decarlo

These engraved natural river rock keepsake stones will brighten your mood and enlighten your spirit. Engraved with Von Decarlo’s personalized logo and reminder to “Stay In The Light”, this lasting memento can inspire hope and courage to live your life’s passion, and stay the course of your destiny.

Whether they are carried in your pocket, bag, or placed in a meaningful spot in your home, you will find yourself releasing negative energy with a simple touch, or glance, to remind yourself that no matter how dark a situation may get, you will always find the light.

Personally handpicked for you in prayer by Von Decarlo from her collection when you place your order, each unique engraved stone has a smooth, soothing texture, and measures 2-3 inches with varying natural tones. The cost is $35 for stone only and $40 for autographed stone. Price includes shipping & handling.

Want a stone from one of Von’s lifestyle excursions or comedy road trips? She will hand pick a special stone, accompanied by a personalized video, just for you, or a person of your choice. Makes a great gift! You will also receive an autographed reminder rock for FREE (a $40 value) with your order. The cost is $250 with shipping and handling included.

If you are sending the reminder rock to a friend with a different address, in checkout, select SHIP TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS. If you are buying for a friend with your address, please list the person’s name in ORDER NOTES. The personalized video will be sent to your email address. If you are purchasing the stone for a friend you can forward the video to their email. Any additional instructions should be listed in ORDER NOTES.

Allow 7-10 business days for delivery. Shipping included. NO RETURNS. Note that we only ship within the United States. There are no international sales at this time. 

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