Gluttons For Punishment

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Surprise, surprise, JR Smith is playing well again, and I of course, have a theory as to why. When we left last season, he was our Six Man of the Year and quickly forgiven for that infamous elbow to the face during the playoffs (mostly because of what he had delivered all season). But when we started this season without JR due to, well, weed, Knicks fans were feeling a bit impatient. Then once he was able to play again, he was, well, a mess. The Six Man of the year was now getting boo’s from his fans (mostly out of disappointment rather than individual plays).

But now, I am writing this coming off of a Knicks loss to the Bucks in which JR dropped a very stylish 30 points. As a matter of fact, JR has been playing with his normal JR Smith swag as of late, so what is different?

In my humble (but usually accurate) opinion, it is because JR is a glutton
for punishment. Some people have a desire to constantly prove themselves to their haters and are driven by their subconscious desire to get them to love them, and JR Smith appears to be one of those types. But for those type of people, once they get that love, they sabotage it, and the cycle begins again.

Think of that one crush you had that paid you no mind. You did everything you could do to win their affection. Then once you had it, you were disinterested and started to treat them, well, bad (until they turned against you, then you were all in again). Round and round the cycle continued until you completely sabotaged the relationship and lost a good thing, or you smarten up and started doing your very best to do right by them even when you had their heart in a bag; therefore maintaining a good relationship.

Right now, it seems that JR Smith is climbing his way back into the hearts of Woodson, his teammates, and fans everywhere. I, like most Knicks fans, just hope I don’t catch an elbow to the face for letting him back in again. But who am I kidding? It really wouldn’t matter. He’s entertaining at his best, and he is even entertaining (in some ways) when he is at his worse. Its fun to watch his comebacks. I guess when you think about it, we who love the Knicks (and JR Smith) are also guilty of being gluttons for punishment.

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