A Controversy With a Disloyal Side Chick Has to Hit WorldStarHipHop.com For Us to Pay Attention

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I have been tip-toeing around doing this blog entry about Donald Sterling long enough.  Let me say upfront, that YES, he is clearly very racist.  But, I don’t think he should have been stripped of his team and NBA association based on a private conversation with his side piece and the rules he places upon her in their relationship.  He should have been stripped of his powerful position based on his shady racist past.  As a matter of fact, why was he allowed in that powerful position in the first place?  From what I have read, Donald Sterling’s past was no big secret.  The NAACP even awarded him a lifetime achievement award of some sorts.  So what are we really saying here people?  That its ok if its hidden from the masses?  As long as its not in the forefront, its cool?  Moreover, are we seriously not allowed to feel the way we feel if its not in line with what the masses think? And how can we be sure what the masses think if no one is allowed to be honest?  Is the court of public opinion really the new judicial system?  That’s a terrifying thought.

Now, I have listened to the Donald Sterling call with his side piece several times and the undertone I hear is jealously, insecurity and most importantly IMAGE.  Correct me if I am wrong, but I didn’t hear him say he didn’t want black people at his games in general.  He said he didn’t want her bringing black people to the games, hanging out with them, and posting it on Instagram causing people in his inner circle to call him.  Lets be honest, this did not sound like the first time they have had this type of conversation.  She knows the rules.  Side pieces always know the rules and evidently she broke a rule that he had placed on their relationship and he was chastising her for it.  Therefore, she is in no way a victim.  She chose to deal with this type of man.  But at this point, she was clearly ready to move on, so she decided to expose him.  But, in doing that, she exposed herself as well.  Now we all know that she has very little morals herself.  Not only will she have relations as a mistress to a married man, but she will go the distance and choose to be with a sugga daddy that is racist against what she is as a person.  Most importantly, we all know now that she is disloyal and can’t be trusted.  Good luck finding a husband or another sugga daddy with all of that on your resume.

Getting back to the recorded call, when she said she “admired Magic Johnson”, Donald Sterling’s emotional reaction, to me, had jealous boyfriend written all over it.  Sounded like he was more insecure than racist at that point if you pay attention to the undertone.  Anytime a man says, ‘I don’t care’, ‘do whatever you want’, ‘you can fuck him for all I care’, etc., etc. in the tone he carried, it usually means he is caught up in his feelings and hurt about either you as his woman, or his manhood being compromised.  He probably was jealous and insecure about her hanging to tight with any man.  The fact that Magic Johnson is black is just the icing on the cake that probably taps into Donald Sterling’s insecurity and jealousy even more if you think about it.  A man with Donald Sterling’s racist mentality is likely to be a man that believes stereotypes about black men being sexual beasts.  Im willing to bet that crossed his mind several times during his rant.  But of course, for a man like Sterling, its easier to attack the issue of Magic Johnson being black, and not the undertone of him being insecure.  That way, in his mind, he keeps his control and manhood intact.

Overall, he sounds like an old man that is very out of touch with reality.  Not just with his racist views and slave master mentality, but he also sounds like he is in denial of the fact that he is simply a sugga daddy to this side chick mistress of his.  Whomever called him and told him about her Instagram post of her and Magic Johnson, is probably the same person that tells him that she is just using him for his money, while he somehow defends their relationship.  Of course he knows the truth deep down, but image is everything.  Lets keep the truth private.  As for her, she is just as bad as Donald Sterling himself, and all the people that, up until this point, has turned a blind eye to the type of person Donald Sterling is both personally and professionally.  Im almost 99.999999% sure, she knew he had that old school slave master mentality, but she was just joy riding like everyone else.

Bottom line, he can feel how he wants to feel, and so can I, and so can you.  I love all of my Constitutional rights, and my American freedoms with all my heart, and I don’t want to be a part of the process in losing them in any shape, form, or fashion.  I just think its sad that in order to keep a person that has a racist mentality and controversial business history out of power, a controversy with a disloyal side chick has to hit WorldStarHipHop.com for us to pay attention.

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