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Really? Everybody is in an uproar about the Naadir Tharpe semi-nude selfie he took with a Twodel? And I stress, SEMI.

Now, before I get into why I think the picture is ok and everyone should STFU and let it slide, let me first admit that I had to google the word”Twodel”. At first I was thinking to myself, wow, random groupies get names now? No way!” So I hurried along to google seach and found the word “Twodel” pop up in the Urban dictionary. It simply means “Twitter Model”.

Ok, now that things make sense again, on to why this picture is just fine. Let me preface what Im about to say by first saying that I get why he shouldn’t have done it. However, those in an uproar should get why he did. He’s young, wild, and free. NT and that Twodel was just having an ol’ fashion college good time, in a new fashion kind of way.

We are living in the social networking age, and like it or not, selfies rule. As a matter of fact, hashtag that, #SelfiesRule. I’m willing to bet that if his Kansas University Coach Bill Self would think back to his college day antics, he would surely be likely to have similar sex-capades in his memory bank (minus the selfies of course). So lets be easy. Besides, we’ve seen worse! We have seen full on frontal nudity and straight up recored penetration (aka porn) from athletes and celebrities at this point, so why come down hard on this guy. No pun intended.

Now, if you have seen this “controversial” selfie (and stared at it as intensely as I have), then you would know that you barely see anything at all. You see the side of her breast, and none, I SAID NONE of, ANY parts of his private parts. Abercrombie & Fitch billboards are more explicit than this selfie!

So, I conclude that the people being overly sensitive and attacking theses young delicious college cuties for taking SEMI nude pics at a party, are likely to be people who are just probably envious of their youthful sexiness, and are people who just look bad naked.

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