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What’s up my faithful favorites!  Im going to keep it short and sweet today.  I will speak briefly on my recent appearance on the Bottomline Sports Show (NBA Sirius XM) in which I defended my tweets about the Knicks making the playoffs. The bottom line is, when you do not expect the Knicks to do well, they excel.  When you expect the Knicks to excel, they crumble.   Screw your stats and mark my words, New York will see at least a 7th or 8th seed in the Eastern Conference Finals this year, and the credit will go to all of you haters. Well, not just the haters. I’m sure credit will also go to Carmelo Anthony, The Zen Master Phil Jackson, and of course, the Triangle Offense. Lets just stay hopeful that our Sixth Man of the Year, (and one of my favorite Knicks players to watch) JR Smith, does not have too many off nights in which he might confuse the Triangle Offense with the ROC sign.

If you want to hear my full argument, visit the link below, and follow Bottomline Sports on Twitter @blinesports.

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