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Once again, my real life and an early rehearsal inhibited me from catching the Knicks game. Today was a matinee against the Boston Celtics. No biggie. I will just check the scores & stats via my NBA League Pass app sporadically and catch the replay on MSG later.

As I was checking in on the game from time to time, I was astonished to find that although they just blew out two teams in back to back wins, the Knicks were now getting blown out on their home floor by a Pierce-less Celtics team. WHAT?!? Whats going on?!? The play by play and boxscore is not enough to tell the story. I need to see this game. I couldn’t wait until my rehearsal was over so I could get home and watch the replay and analyze the highlights and lowlights to see what happened.

But, before I got a chance to watch the replay, I saw a quick clip of that disastrous Knicks game (during the Lakers pre-game talks and NBA daily recap) while waiting for Kobe to hit the floor for the first time since his injury in April.

In the very first second of the very first frame of that clip, I saw all I needed to see. There is no need for me to watch the Knicks / Celtics replay and analyze the highlights and lowlights. I know exactly what went wrong.

So, all I have to say to the Knicks regarding this game and their future as a team in general is, the next time they are told to wear those solid orange uniforms, they should just say no.

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