How To Say “Winning” In Italian

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Andrea Bargnani has not only earned enough of my respect for me to never call him “Gallo face” again, but he has also helped to end my Blog strike.

Blocking, shooting, dunking, and even trash talking Kevin Garnett? Hell, welcome to New York big man. You are officially official. You broke Kevin Garnett down to nothing but just being nasty, and Knicks fans are proud of you.

And by the way, Kevin Garnett might not speak Italian, but I speak fluent n-word, and I can confidently confirm that KG was just taking a low blow shot at Bargnani’s heavy accent. But who cares? At this point, don’t we all expect KG to take low blows both on and off the court?

But, what I really want to ask KG, is when he got home, did he at least google search how to say “winning” in Italian?

I did…

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