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For my first Trash Talk blog entry, I’d like to talk briefly about my favorite NBA team, the New York Knicks! Actually, lets be honest. If you know me, then you already know that the majority of my blog posts will probably be about the Knicks, but I will try and be diverse. However, I can’t make any promises.

Anyway, regarding the Knicks, there has been a lot of changes and we haven’t even gotten our feet wet into the 2013-2014 season yet. From new front office changes that slightly scare Knicks fans into thinking there may be an Isaiah Thomas return on deck, to the addition of Metta Ron World Artest Peace (and the dilemma about what to call him), and the free agent jibber jabber about Melo, the Knicks seem to have their hands (and roster) full. I don’t know about you, but as far as what to call Metta Ron World Artest Peace, I’m personally going to go with Raymond Felton’s undertone during one of his interviews of ‘his momma named him Ron, imma call him Ron’, and stick to calling him Ron Artest. No disrespect, but how selfish is it to force everyone to constantly think about your name? Can we think about defense, buckets and what to do with Shump’s hair this season please? Lord knows we have to keep that young man happy and fresh. Oh, and how hype am I about Shump’s preseason chemistry with our newest young’n, Tim Hardaway Jr? VERY! So how about we do our best to keep them both happy. We all know everybody else’s health is questionable.

However, I must say I am thrilled to have Mr. Artest-Peace’s toughness on board. If you, like me, watched that preseason game video a thousand times of Raptors forward Tyler Hansbrough about to break bad on one of our beloved Knicks, (until he saw it was our new friend in orange and blue) then you, like me, not only laughed your ass off hysterically, but you probably also made sure to read Tyler’s lips very carefully to discover he said, “aw Ron, my bad”. So hey, if Tyler can call him Ron and not get punched in the face, so can I!

But, more important than any changes in the front office, and any additions to the team, and even the loss of our 3 point pistol Steve Novak and his discount double check (although Novak and his 3 pointers technically disappeared the night Nate Robinson took his manhood AND his discount double check on the garden floor last season), the real question that many of us fans really want to know the answer to is, will JR Smith’s twitter game ever be the same?

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See Tyler Hansbrough Apology Face & Read His Lips Here:


See Raymond Felton Speak on Metta-Ron’s Name at 41 Secs Here:


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