Is Carmelo Anthony the Messiah?

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Is Carmelo Anthony the Messiah people?  I think not.  But in terms of revitalizing the New York Knicks and making them championship contenders, he is pretty damn close to God like in basketball terms.  Still, with all the good he has done (and continues to do for the Knicks), it seems he can never do enough.  I remember before Carmelo came to New York how people would consistently say it would take a miracle to even get the Knicks into the playoffs.  That the Knicks were a lost cause.  Cursed if you will.  Then, Carmelo Anthony performed a miracle by getting us to the playoffs.  But instead of mostly being praised for the accomplishment, he was mostly condemned for not getting far enough in the playoffs.  Is that how we should treat our leader people?

Now, we are just two games into the 2013-2014 season, and already our leader can’t do enough.  In my opinion, Carmelo Anthony did a solid job against the Chicago Bulls (one of the best defensive teams in the league).  Period.  Would I have preferred to see him take it to the hole in those final seconds instead the jumper?  Absolutely.  However, Carmelo is one of the best offensive players of all time, and I support whatever decisions he makes on the floor (for better or for worse) considering that most of the time they are going to be golden.

What I find very uncomfortable to watch is how anytime Carmelo doesn’t make a shot, or if he has an off night, everything else that he has contributed during the game and/or to New York in general gets disregarded by people as if it didn’t happen.  Much like when Jesus was walking amongst man constantly providing proof of his Godliness by performing many miracles that people would either completely disregard and not believe, or they would acknowledge it, but only in that moment of which the miracle was performed.  Its as if some people are singing Janet Jackson’s song “What Have You Done For Me Lately” in the back of their minds when they think of  Melo (and Jesus for that matter).  It’s a crying shame.

What I’d like to do right now is take a moment to point out a few other things that happened in those final clutch seconds in the above mentioned Bulls game (other than Melo’s missed shot).  In the last 10 seconds, there were a few opportunities for our beloved Tyson Chandler to help get us a win, but came up short.  Now, this is in no way to beat Tyson up for his mistakes/misses, but lets be fair.  For instance, Tyson Chandler let (sore neck, just getting back into the swing of things) Derrick Rose shoot a floater over his 7’0 head.  Chandler also missed one of two clutch free throws.  But, my favorite was when Carmelo missed that final shot, and Tyson Chandler was right under the basket, and missed the tip in.  Nice.  Now, isn’t it ironic that most of the tweets and headlines I saw credited Chandler for having a “monster game” without much emphasis on any of his missed clutch moments?  Where as, the amount of times I had to hear and read about Carmelo’s missed jumper was just enough for me to feel like I needed to smack everyone with my basketball bible.

The way I see it, 3-1 in the final seconds of the loss against the Bulls, the blame is on Tyson Chandler.  So if Chandler is forgiven, why is Carmelo not?  I know Carmelo is our star player, and the Knicks is his team, and most of the burden falls on him.  I get it.  But he is not perfect.

What I would really like to know from you right now (leave comments below) is if he was absolutely perfect and could walk on water, would you then believe in him and give all praises due?  History says, you would crucify him anyway.  So, I guess that does makes him the Messiah.  Of New York basketball that is…

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