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I know I just started blogging, but I feel like I must continue my blog strike until the Knicks win a game as to avoid a full on trashing of Mike Woodson. Originally, I planned to write a few strongly worded, passionate paragraphs about the refs and how they should be fined for their bull crap calls in the same manner that the players are fined under the no flopping rule, but the questionable decisions Coach Woodson have been making lately, forces me have to thrash him a bit (because even I cant justify his bad moves with my always positive about the Knicks commentary). Now, I love JR just as much as he does, but there is NO WAY he should have been on the floor and Shump on the bench in the final minutes of the game against the Pelicans on Sunday. Wait, did I just say Pelicans? Im going to hover my head over my knees in disappointment just like JR did as the final buzzer sounded, and blog strike until its all over.

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